Hanna Burgers (b. 1996, Amsterdam) is a research-based artist whose work revolves around existential themes of birth and death. Growing up amidst touching stories on the start and end of life, Hanna draws inspiration from her mother's passionate work as an obstetric nurse, guiding women through the journey of giving birth. Simultaneously, her father's role in caring for individuals in a hospice, where the terminally ill spend their final moments, has deeply influenced her perspective.

In our current polarising society, Hanna feels dedicated to telling humane stories, particularly those considered taboo. Her practice places trust, understanding, and dignity at the forefront, weaving narratives through photography, interviewing, and archival material. Through these elements, Hanna invites contemplation and reflection on the shared human experiences of birth and death.

Hanna graduated in 2023 with a BA in Documentary Photography at the Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague. Since 2020 Hanna has been creating the Balcony Podcast, in which she talks with visual artists about their thoughts on photography and society. In 2022 Hanna started working with Laia Abril in Barcelona, whom she is currently assisting in her long-term projects. 


Based in The Hague / Barcelona

Hanna Burgers