Birth Currents

Rooted in the familial tradition of home births within the lineage of my grandparents, parents, and myself, I delve into the profound changes taking place in the birthing landscape in The Netherlands. Following generation upon generation that witnessed births unfold from their own homes, the conditions around contemporary childbirth have changed rapidly — and reflect broader changes in our medical and societal systems.

The Netherlands boasts a distinctive healthcare system that empowers women with a diverse array of choices for their birthing experiences. In this project, I navigate the intricate changes surrounding the birthing journey—from home births to C-sections, to the unfolding realm of artificial wombs. Birth Currents seeks to give a space for contemplation on the essence of life, offering a visual narrative that mirrors the evolving diverse dynamics during the primal act of giving birth, while ultimately wondering:

In what ways do the shifting conditions of childbirth reflect broader societal attitudes towards the female body, human instinct, and our innate wisdom?

Birth Currents has been exhibited in The Grey Space in the Middle and the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. A review of the exhibition has been published by Metropolis M. De Correspondent has published the article ‘Wie is de baas tijdens jouw bevalling?’ along with 7 photos of the project. 

Birth Currents - Hanna Burgers