Birth Currents

Rooted in the familial tradition of home births within the lineage of my grandparents, parents, and myself, I delve into the profound changes taking place in the birthing landscape in The Netherlands. Following generation upon generation that witnessed births unfold from their own homes, the conditions around contemporary childbirth have changed rapidly — and reflect broader changes in our medical and societal systems.

The Netherlands boasts a distinctive healthcare system that empowers women with a diverse array of choices for their birthing experiences. In this project, I navigate the intricate changes surrounding the birthing journey—from home births to C-sections, to the unfolding realm of artificial wombs. Birth Currents seeks to give a space for contemplation on the essence of life, offering a visual narrative that mirrors the evolving diverse dynamics during the primal act of giving birth, while ultimately wondering:

In what ways do the shifting conditions of childbirth reflect broader societal attitudes towards the female body, human instinct, and our innate wisdom?

Birth Currents has been exhibited in The Grey Space in the Middle and the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. A review of the exhibition has been published by Metropolis M. De Correspondent has published the article ‘Wie is de baas tijdens jouw bevalling?’ along with 7 photos of the project. 

Birth Currents - Hanna Burgers

De Berg Blijft (The Mountain Will Stay)

Oma, my grandmother, grew up on the Indonesian island Java. Her life took a profound turn when she and our family were detained in a Japanese concentration camp from 1942 to 1945. At that time, Oma was 17 years old.

During those challenging years, a mountain just outside the camp became a symbol of hope for my grandmother. Each day, she would gaze at the Ambarawa mountain, finding solace in the certainty that, regardless of the uncertainties around her, this mountain stood steady. The strength and resilience of my grandmother have always captivated me. Despite enduring traumas during her time in the concentration camp in Java, she embraced life with a remarkable spirit.

Eenzame Uitvaart #43

This is part of a poem written by Kees ´t Hart, for mister P.H. van der V., who was found at his home two months after he passed away:

Man, glazenwasser, schoonmaker en metselaar
In Den Haag ik ben gisteren bij u langs gegaan
En bij uw huis heb ik nog een tijdje stil gestaan

Leven is een raadsel, wie dat bedacht is gek
Het is een ding een woord een stem een flat
Waar stilte in de zomer tussen vogels zoemt
En dinsdagavond de vuilnis buiten wordt gezet

In my current home town The Hague, more and more people live in isolation — despite the city increasing in size. People who pass away without any friends or family around them get buried by the council during so-called technical funerals in anonymous graves. I came across a group of poets who write poems for these lone people and cite them during their funerals, providing them with dignity that they might have missed whilst being alive.

International Development Law Organization (IDLO)

During a three months Artist in Residence at intergovernmental organization IDLO I got to visualize the rule of law. Through the observation that peace is a work - something that takes active practice - I created a series to promote peace development.

Maja Pop Trajkova

Catalogue of handmade ceramics lights which Macedonian artist Maja created during her residency at Sunday Morning - EKWC.